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xiaolinbetas's Journal

The Dragons of Betaing
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Notice: xiaolinbetas is currently taking a break from reviewing potential betas. Please check back in the future if you wish to apply.

Community Notes

For the Betas:

    1. All potential betas must complete and submit a copy of the Betaing Examination, along with their contact information. There will be no exceptions made for anyone, as this process governs who is issued an invitation to join the community.

    Please read the Examination document fully before answering the questions or emailing the community email address. If there are still items you do not understand, feel free to email us then. Be aware that if you email us with a question that is already answered by an information post made in this community, you will be referred back here.

    2. Please read through the Betaing Information Entry. It explains what a beta is and what is expected of you as a member of this community.

    3. As a beta, you have the option to limit the number of stories you are willing to take on at any one time. You may use your entry as a means to update your work status and so forth. Please see the posting example for more details.

For the Writers:

    1. Writers seeking a beta are not to barrage this community's betas with requests for help via the LiveJournal commenting system or through the betas' personal email addresses. Post one comment on the entry of the beta you want, and leave it at that. Users who repeatedly beg for a beta or spam this community's entries and/or email address will be banned from commenting and emailing. Our betas are here to help the general public, not to be harassed by it. Ditto for the community mods.

    The two exceptions to this rule are thus: You may post a second comment on a different entry if your beta cannot complete their work on your story or you feel that you need a second opinion on your story. Even though these exceptions are available, we do ask that you limit yourself to the use of one beta for writer per story. Betaing takes time and energy, and we need enough betas to go around for everyone.

    Please be sure to delete your original beta request upon opening a new one in the event that your first choice has to be replaced.

    2. Any reports of harassment about a particular user from a beta can get that user banned from commenting in the future.

    3. The beta you choose is required to be firm if need be, but never rude to you. If an issue arises where you feel that your beta was unnecessarily acidic in their interactions with you (emails, LJ commenting, edit notes placed in your story, et cetera), please email the mods via the community's email address (xiaolinbetas at yahoo dot com). This behavior will not be tolerated by anyone, and the issue will be reviewed thoroughly.

For Betas and Writers:

    1. ALL questions, comments, concerns, and the like not answered in the community itself are to be sent to the community email address: xiaolinbetas at yahoo dot com. This includes complaints about the beta or writer you have chosen and leave of absence notices on the betas' parts.

List of Active Betas:

    Note: Those betas who have reached their workload limit are identified by an asterisk ( * ) by their user names. Those who have taken a leave of absence have number sign ( # ) next to their user names.

    This listing will be updated as the community's membership changes and workloads and real life are worked through.



    If you wish to be an affiliate of this community, please leave a comment in this entry. Thanks.